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FALL 2019

Introducing the Leading Influencers in Architecture & Design in Greater Cincinnati for 2019

Tom Wilcox of Wilcox Architecture was selected and featured in Venue Magazine for this article that highlights the leading architects and designers in greater Cincinnati for 2019. The candidates were nominated for this honor by Pella and Venue staff members. This was not a paid advertisement.

Venue Magazine - Architecture and Design issue, 2019  page 142

Q  What are some design trends that are hot right now in the Greater Cincinnati Area?

A  Well, like everywhere, I think first floor master suites are increasingly in demand. I’ve been designing a lot of “outdoor living” spaces too—covered patios or decks, screened porches. A design trend that’s big on the east side of Cincinnati is tear-downs—replacing an existing house with a new one or multiple new ones. Occasionally the original house is in terrible shape and really needs to go, but for the most part I’d like to see more preservation and less razing of good-quality homes.