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Cherokee Addition

Addition in Madeira

If you want to add on to your existing structure Tom will work with you to get the space you want while making sure that the addition follows the lines and overall flow and form of your existing house. The best additions complement and blend into the existing structure as if they are a part of the original building.

A particular project type that’s becoming more popular is modifying a house to accommodate an older generation. People raising families today have been called the “sandwich generation.” Many families are are raising their children while also taking care of their parents. Tom can help modify your home to accomodate three generations living under one roof. Strategies include adding a first-floor bedroom, first floor laundry rooms, a separate private entrance for the grandparents . . . there are so many unique solutions. Tom will create a custom plan that will work best for you and your family.

Interior Renovations

Milton Interior Renovation

Interior Renovation in Mt. Auburn

Like additions and new homes, renovations come in many shapes and sizes. The difference is that the work is kept within the confines of the original structure. Sometimes the zoning of a property won’t allow an addition to be built, and sometimes it just makes more sense to improve how an existing space functions. Renovation is often the most cost-effective solution, since earthwork, foundations, exterior walls and roofs are typically not involved.

Simply opening up spaces and reconfiguing traffic flow is a popular renovation that can really add value to a home and improve the quality of living.


Kimbee Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Remodel in Anderson

A common project is the kitchen renovation. Oftentimes bearing walls and soffits need to be removed, plumbing, ductwork and electric rerouted, window openings created and doorways moved to accomplish the homeowner’s goals. Tom has helped many people acquire their dream kitchen. Depending on the complexity of the project, sometimes Tom will utilize kitchen designers to refine the details of the space such as helping you select the perfect appliances, fixtures, hardware, cabinets and countertops.

Basement Renovation in Anderson

Basement Renovation in Anderson

Basement renovations are a great way to add living space to your house to fit a growing family or changes in your lifestyle without having to do major construction. 

New Construction

Glen Arbor Home

New House in Mariemont

New homes are very exciting projects for the homeowner and the architect. Tom encourages his clients to make a list of everything they want in their dream home. He suggests collecting pictures and keeping notes of the features and any special details you would love to have in your new home.

Site analysis—including survey, site drainage, zoning issues, etc.—is very important, and needs to happen first. Tom is very experienced with this, and has a stable of trusted consultants to turn to when needed. After the best way to address the site is determined, Tom will work closely with you to design your new home. Tom feels very strongly that the client should have as much say as they want in the design of the house. He’ll definitely point out things that don’t work, or provide solutions that work better. His ideas will be incorporated, but it’s a better, more satisfying project if everyone is involved. 

Pickerel Lake Cottage

New Cottage in Northern Michigan

When the reality of building and paying for the project comes in, Tom will guide you through the process of contractor selection, cost estimating and smart adjustments to the scope or design if necessary to obtain an affordable, attainable solution.


Historic Preservation

Fairfield Historic Preservation

Renovated Porch in Walnut Hills

Cincinnati is a city rich with pockets of beautiful, old neighborhoods and a variety of architectural styles. Tom has experience working with the city’s Historic Conservation Office and various municipalities’ architectural review boards to ensure that his clients can get the approval and/or variances needed to renovate or add on to their historic home. Tom has had designs approved in a variety of Cincinnati’s Historic Districts, as well as several communities with their own historic regulations. No matter where the project is, his excellent research and preparation keeps the homeowners informed and gives them a realistic expectation of what will be approved by the local planning board.