Construction Drawings

Construction drawings are created from the approved final design development drawings, with modifications to the design as needed based on information learned during the bidding process. These drawings are much more developed than the design development drawings because they include detailed information about the foundation, framing, doors, windows, finishes, etc. including dimensions and notes. Also included are code requirements, design load requirements, construction tolerances, etc. The construction drawings, often called “permit drawings,” are also used for getting permits. Typical drawing sheets are site plan, foundation plan, framing plans, floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections, and details. Additional drawings, depending on the project, could include interior elevations, kitchen plan, electrical plans, mechanical plans, roof plan, structural details, etc. Occasionally Tom will use a civil or structural engineering consultant, kitchen consultant, landscape consultant, etc. Part of this phase is coordinating their design with his and their drawings with his into one cohesive set.

Stamped Sets of Drawings — The construction drawings will be stamped and sealed by Tom to verify their preparation by a registered architect. 

Permits — The zoning and building permits are usually applied for by Tom. This involves filling out the necessary applications, signing and sealing numerous sets of prints (to verify that they were prepared by a registered architect), and delivering them to the proper governing agencies. Some building departments will allow Tom to “walk through” a permit application, which means talking to the various plan review officials while looking at the drawings and answering any questions they may have, sometimes even making slight modifications to the drawings right there. This way it's possible to actually walk out of the building department the same day with the permit in hand. This process is usually only applicable to fairly simple projects. Otherwise, it usually takes a couple of weeks for a building permit to be issued. Other permits (electric, plumbing, HVAC) are usually applied for by the associated subcontractor on the job.